Cyclone Storm ‘Maha’ On Track To Hit Gujarat Today

The Meteorological Department recently has made an announcement that cyclonic storm ‘Maha’ is currently over the Arabian Sea is very likely to weaken into a depression today where on the other hand Cyclone Bulbul will be over the Bay of Bengal and it might intensify into a severe cyclonic storm within 24 hours. However, Odisha is also under red alert where the latest bulletin made an announcement regarding ‘Bulbul’.

The scientist has predicted that cyclone is appearing due to pollution caused by human activities. This is also the reason behind cyclones getting intensified. The weather, on the other hand, will be affected and due to these conditions moderate rains in Maharashtra might appear.

The administration of the Palghar district has already made an announcement regarding the closure of educational institutions between November 6 and 8. In Navy Mumbai, it has been reported that various relief operations for various humanitarian and disaster reliefs along the Gujarat and north Maharashtra coast have been taken care of by the administration.

The Western Naval Command has loaded four warships with HADR materials like food packets, water, medical supplies, and other essential commodities. In Gujarat, the Naval area is ready with emergency response teams. They are equipped with underwater diving equipment and inflatable boats. They have also kept Naval aircraft and helicopter on guard.

“It is very likely to move nearly eastwards, weaken into a cyclonic storm by today evening. Thereafter it is likely to move east-northeastwards, weaken further into a deep depression by the early morning of November 7” says Indian Meteorological Department (IMD)

The state government has taken precautionary measures to deal with situations like this and the Agricultural Department have alerted their farmers to take up precautionary measures to ensure that their crops are safe.

What you should do during cyclone

  • Prepare your home and check if your roof is fine and repair any loose tiles or roof skews.
  • Ensure windows are fitted with shutters or metal screens.
  • Trim any branches hanging over your house.
  • Keep your pets at a safe place
  • Make sure your household is familiar with Standard Emergency Warning Signal (SEWS), which is generally broadcast when a cyclone is 12 hours or less away.

If you shelter at home

  • Turn off electricity, gas, and water, unplug all appliances
  • Keep your emergency kit close at hand
  • Stay with your family into the strongest part of the house
  • If the building begins to break up, shelter under a strong table, bench or heavy mattress
  • Stay inside the house until it stops

After cyclone

  • Remain indoors and listen to the radio until an official all-clear  has been given by the authorities
  • If you are told to return home then do so using the recommended routes only
  • Do not go sightseeing
  • Get electrical appliances which have been wet-checked before applying them.
  • Boil or purify your water until supplies are declared safe.
  • Stay away from damaged powerlines, fallen trees, and flood water

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