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Government’s plan for ‘On duty’ government official during COVID19

The Coronavirus Pandemic has led to massive destruction across the globe. With doctors not knowing what medicine to provide to offices not knowing how to function, it has led to a standstill.

The government officials however are working day in and out. Not only the healthcare department but every other government official has put their lives at risk. The police department was on the street making sure that the lockdown protocols are followed, the doctors were working for hours without water or food and the other departments made sure that the various protocols are followed.

In a telephonic conversation with Mr Ramsumer Tripathi, a senior officer in the fire department of Uttar Pradesh said, “Currently we’ve been working for the sanitization of various places as the disaster management team all over UP. We’ve been given cars and other necessary things required in the process of sanitization.”

However, they’ve been given the equipment for the sanitization but not for their protection. He said, “Not everyone is given PPE kits. Some places have the PPE kits but the others don’t.” This sanitization process is important but acts as extra work for the fire department with no benefits. “Also this sanitization process is an add on to our current work but the pay scale remains the same,” he added.

While on the other hand Dr Deepak Chaudhary, working in the Delhi COVID Centre, in an interview with Maverick Times said, “ The borders have become small, as there were no medications available. There were only some basic medicines that we were providing the patients. Even we were scared in the beginning to examine any patient. However, now in Delhi, the number of COVID cases have reduced and we’ve almost recovered.”

In the last 6-7 months, they have to struggle a lot, their working hours extended and they didn’t get to learn much. “Only in Haryana there is an increment in the pay scale of the healthcare workers but not here. We’re paid the same. But they have provided us with all the essential kits to keep us safe.”

The government gives insurance to the family of the doctor working in a COVID Centre. “I had a friend who was working in one of the COVID centres. He expired because of COVID and the government provided his family with an insurance of Rs. 1 crore.” The government is not only looking after the senior doctors but also the junior ones.

“It is also important to provide medical aliment to patients who are sick because of other reasons.” The railway couches were also converted into quarantine centre for precaution. “In the beginning of this pandemic out of 200 beds at least 185 beds used to be full but now hardly 30-35 beds are full and that’s big progress,” he added. Besides, he said that the government hospitals in Delhi are not charging any money for the COVID treatment.

However, this insurance scheme acts as a benefit for the essential workers. It pays for the sickness of the essential worker and if they demise then insurance is given to their family. It also encourages more essential workers to come out and work. We’ve as a nation survived this far through the pandemic a little more support from the authorities will only make it easier.

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Written by Madeeha Khan

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