Govt. Claims to have no data on Jobs and life losses

Due to the sudden outbreak of coronavirus across the country, the prime minister
of India Imposed a sudden lockdown on March 25 to break the chain of the virus,
since then millions of people started losing their jobs, many corona warriors died,
and so on. Even after so much of restrictions and government policies, Union
Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said India had hit the 80,000 case mark in 106
days. Apart from that recently government made a very shocking announcement
when asked if the government had carried any assessment on data they said “ no
such data is mentioned” of migrants who lost their jobs and died on the way back
to their native villages during the lockdown due to corona or non-availability of the
prompt facility of their shelter and food, in addition to this the government
mentioned they have no data on the number of doctors and health workers who
died on the frontlines of the COVID-19 battle.

Further Minister of state for health, Ashwini Choubey, cleared in his written reply
to Rajya sabha that states have taken initiatives to establish banks to provide
plasma therapy to COVID-19 patients but they have no central database.

After the failings of the Ministry of Labour and Employment and the Ministry of
Health and Family Welfare, Smirti Irani mentioned the Ministry of Women and
Child Development has submitted before Parliament that there is no data for
women workers who exited Anganwadis.

As the lockdown was imposed without giving a day or so for returning to native
places, due to this lakhs of people got stranded in cities like Delhi, Mumbai,
Gujarat, etc and they were mainly from North East but Recently RTI reveals that
the chief labor commissioner’s office has no data on stranded migrant workers.

Besides this all, the reporters who were valiantly reporting from the ground zero
even during the lockdown to spread awareness towards COVID-19 day in and day
out, many were Journalists killed due to the virus or attacked by police or public in
general, and for this government claims there are no specific data.
Lastly about farmers’ suicide database, which is the most debatable topic in the
country and the government mentioned, no data on farmer suicides in the last three
years, the agriculture minister has said in parliament at a time a farm crisis over
debts and poor crop prices has hit several states.

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