Man Pee’s On WEH- Mumbai, Risking Life Of His And Many

India is working hard and participating in the social changes, people are now becoming more aware and educated. People of India are contributing towards swaach barat abhiyaan, rally for river and such various programs which has some social responsibilities. Mumbai’s clean up team charges fine to the people found spitting, and littering. They charge you with 200rs fine also they take care of the cleanliness every where around mumbai.

Whereas, there’re people who do not litter on the road instead they pee on the road risking there lives and others too, this is a recent case of a man who was spotted peeing on the western express highway in Mumbai which is busy most of the times. The man had the courage to stop on the no stopping highway and park his car on the highway Which further created a mess for a while only because he had to pee thankfully. The question that arises that with the incident is what made him pee so fearlessly on the road? Was he drunk? If drunk he was not supposed to drive. Also he could have been an invitation to any major kind of accident. Be responsible citizen of India do not encourage such scenes ever.

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