No H1B Visa for Indians Anymore

By Khushi Mehra

Indians have been severely affected by the suspension of H1B, which permits skilled people to work in US who have been employed by software companies like Tata Consultancy Services and Infosys. IT professionals from India are hired to run outsourced projects for US firms. Ninety percent of applicants for the H1B visa are from India.

US President Donald Trump’s decision to suspend H-1B and other non-immigrant work permits till December 31 came in the wake of providing employment for Americans. Trump has always carried a harsh anti-immigrant stance and blames foreigners for most of the problems, from unemployment to crime. The visas getting axed are the H1B, L-1, H2B and J-1.

The system worked well for both US and India as the India’s migrant manpower was cheaper than the US manpower. The earnings that Indians made through this helped them pay off their loans. Many had hopes of climbing to a green card and a US passport from a visa holder.

Students who are pursuing academic programs have been wondering about their future for several weeks now. The dream of staying in US after their studies, and getting settled there with higher salary and in a better firm has been shattered. Students have to rethink their career prospects entirely.

For the people who aspire for H1B visa, the news is disappointing. The options of Canada and Australia, which used to be alternatives, are also more outlying now. Many people are now reverting for Canada as it has been vocal about encouraging immigration. Before the coronavirus induced lockdown, Canada has said it would like to welcome 1 million permanent residents between 2020 and 2022.

Image Credits: Newsaura

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