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Supreme Court

Apex court’s order for installation of surveillance systems in CBI, NIA, ED offices

On December 2, the Supreme court ordered the central government to install recording devices and CCTV cameras in CBI, ED and NIA offices, especially in interrogation and custody rooms.

Supreme court grants bail to Arnab Goswami, criticises Bombay High Court

On 11 November, the Supreme court approved the bail petition of Arnab Goswami who was arrested in the 2018 suicide case.

Deportation of defaulter Vijay Mallya expected by Jan 2021

On November 2, the supreme court had ordered the central government to file a report in the United Kingdom on the pending legal formalities regarding the deportation of the Vijay Mallya to India in six weeks.

Fundamental right for all; Transgenders still striving the battle?

The supreme court of India had ideally declared transgenders as the ‘third gender’ by granting all the fundamental rights under the constitution of India. Inspite...

Supreme court rejected Republic TV’s Plea, asks to have faith in High Court

On Thursday, the republic Tv’s petition of conducting a CBI inquiry was rejected by the supreme court. They said that the channel should appeal to the Bombay High court just like any other common man would.

Aarey controversy: Mumbai Metro car shed

The Maharashtra environment Minister supported the government’s proposal of chucking the Metro shed at Aarey forest. There are rumours that the decision had a more political bend.

Supreme Court prohibits indefinite public gatherings at Public places

On October 7, the Supreme Court gives the verdict that public places will not be occupied indefinitely for protests such as Shaheen Bagh protests and shall take place only in designated areas.

Migrant Construction workers left unemployed and stranded; Government sent them back to their hometowns.

There are several other industries dependent on the construction industry in the country. Before the lockdown, there were about 18,000 projects where work was in progress and 30% of the workforce were not working due to the COVID-19 situation.

BMC reclaims 15 hectares more in the sea for the Mumbai Coastal Project

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) told the Supreme Court (SC) that they need additional reclamation of six hectares for the Coastal Road project in...