Fundamental right for all; Transgenders still striving the battle?

The supreme court of India had ideally declared transgenders as the ‘third gender’ by granting all the fundamental rights under the constitution of India.

Inspite of this, there is a myth lingering in Indian society and a lack of acceptance towards trans people is left behind. If we quietly observed their condition, mostly they are seen begging near the traffic signals or in trains. It is usually found that the cleache society is directly or indirectly responsible for their condition. A lack of access to education and the unavailability of jobs often force them to condition of begging and moving to prostitution.

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They are being disowned by their own families and face hard times dealing within the society. As there are various instances of a transwoman being attacked in a bar in Mumbai, a lesbian couple being thrown out for dancing at a pub in Chennai and another lesbian woman being arrested in Madhya Pradhesh for looking out for her partner’s safety. Incidents like these often go unnoticed and underreported because they happen to a select few people. In a similar incident, on the eve of Diwali, last year, 70 members of the transgender community in Mumbai found themselves stranded outside a popular five-star hotel, such news that is missing and mostly limited to us who are part of the community.

People are seemed reeling on the same machine of stereotypes and don’t bother to accept the fact that being transgender is not choice but fate. Most of them are unaware of the psychological trauma trans people face everyday. Even people refuses to give jobs, many forcefully drop out of school/college because of excessive bullying and harassment.

Thus, it is the need of hour regarding awareness and sensitization of educational institutions regarding transgender issues. Indian films are no less behind, instead of spreading awareness about their problems, often portrayed them just as caricatures, which leads to more social stigma and discrimination surrounding them.

On an event while talking to Humsafar trust people, some of the transgenders shared their painful stories, also story of their strength coming out of their comfort zone and accepting themselves as who they are. Despite, lot of adversities, there are some transgenders who are courageous enough to make their their way out, achieve their goals in a country where people continuously mock and harass them. Make their life even more difficult but they prove themselves by breaking the stereotype that trans people are as capable and equal as any other Indian. Many trans people feel so miserable in dealing with dysphoria.

However, achievements of trans people have given adequate answers to those who thought trans people are incapable. India got its first trans woman IPS officer – K Prithika Yashini. Joyita Mondal became a Lok Adalat (civil court) judge. Anjali Ameer became the first trans actress to play a lead role and Nitasha Biswas was crowned as trans queen, India. No doubt, their journeys must have been difficult.

After long battle fought, they have gained little recognition from society, and It’s time to support them as equal Indians in their struggle for identity, equality, and dignity. One of the ways to do this, is through spreading awareness about their issues they face and difficulties they cope with. Together, people of a country can help each other create an equal and just society, where every human is treated humanely.

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