Deportation of defaulter Vijay Mallya expected by Jan 2021

In an article by Times of India dated June 4, 2020, suggested that Vijay Mallya would not be extradited anytime soon but the supreme court now ordered the centre to file for his deportation in six weeks.

On November 2, the supreme court had ordered the central government to file a report in the United Kingdom on the pending legal formalities regarding the deportation of the Vijay Mallya to India in six weeks. 

The centre had informed the court on October 5 that Vijay Mallya would not be deported before a confidential and secret legal process in the United Kingdom. India was not aware that the United Kingdom had advanced in their secret proceed 

Advocate EC Agarwala defending Mallya, filed a petition, however his plea of getting Mallya out from the case was rejected by the court. 

Photo credits- The Financial Express

Vijay Mallya, owner of Kingfisher Airlines fled to the United Kingdom after defaulting on Rs 9,000 crore loan. He has been in the United Kingdom since March 2016. He was ordered by the court on August 31 to present himself in court before October 5 and rejected his plea for demanding the dismissal of the 2017 verdict that held him guilty for transferring $40 million to his children. He has been on bail on the extradition warrant issued in 2017 by the Scotland Yard. 

In the virtual hearing on November 2, Agarwala filed for Mallya to be dismissed from the case which was rejected by the bench. The centra had informed the court about the details of Mallya’s deportation from February 9, 2017. His petition was turned down on 14th May stating that he had lost all his chances of appealing to the United Kingdom. 

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Following Mallya’s appeal of dismissal, the centre was seeking him to India which is expected to be completed in 28 days. However, the United Kingdom intervened stating pending legal proceeding before Mallya’s deportation. 

The pending legal proceedings were outside the deportation process and was confidential in nature, said Ministry of Home Affairs. India is expected to have all the information by the virtue that Vijay Mallya was the criminal of India. However, they were kept out of the issue and were not even aware of the proceedings being held in United Kingdom. 

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