No more Parle G Ads on News channels Broadcasting toxic content

Parle Products, the maker of the much-loved Parle G biscuits has been gathering support on Twitter after it took a strong stand against TRP (television rating point) scam unfolding around Republic TV. After this decision of the company, Social media users praised the brand’s move by calling the biscuit brand, ‘truly genius.’

Photo: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

Earlier due to TRP scam by the various news channel, which promoted toxic content in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case, the Bajaj Auto claims that they have blacklisted three channels who were allegedly broadcasting aggressive content.

The senior category head Krishna Rao Buddha of Parle Products stated that the company will not advertise on news channels that broadcast toxic content as it leads to negativity. Hence the company won’t encourage investing money which doesn’t favor its target customers.

Further company’s officials stated that they trying to bring revolution by encouraging other advertisers can come together and sort of put a restraint on their advertising spends on news channels, so that there is some sort of a clear signal to all the news channels, that they better change their content.

People on the social media platform came together to support the choice and named the idea ‘genius’.

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