HMD Celebrating 1 Year of the Launch of High-Quality, Ready to Use Alcohol Swabs

Business Wire IndiaHMD Healthcare Ltd. (Hindustan Syringes and Medical Devices), one of the leading manufacturers of healthcare and medical devices in the world, is celebrating the one-year of the successful launch of DispoCann Alcohol Swabs. Pre-moistened and ready-to-use, these are high-quality, antiseptic swabs that are used to prepare the skin prior to injection.
Saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol, these swabs are used to quickly and efficiently disinfect an area before medicine or vaccine is injected, or blood drawn, minimizing the chances of infection. A disposable product, DispoCann alcohol swabs can also be used to provide first aid in cases of minor cuts and burns in order to disinfect the skin.
Cotton gauze and cotton balls containing water may have microbial contamination. An experiment was conducted, wherein, seven in-use cotton gauze samples and three cotton balls that were soaked in sterile distilled water and kept for 7 days. All the samples were found to be contaminated with colony-forming units/ml of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. This is the reason why the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the usage of a clean and single-use swab. In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) also recommends adhering to the recommended product-specific contact time. The use of cotton balls stored wet in a multi-use container has been strictly prohibited by the World Health Organization (WHO). Abscess at injection site from sterile single use AD Syringes were traced back to the usage of Cotton Balls soaked in Disinfected bottles. Considering the guidelines shared by WHO, HMD Healthcare Ltd., launched its range of alcohol swabs for the safety of the patients.
Application of a single-use swab containing 60-70% isopropyl alcohol – a colourless, flammable, organic chemical compound liquid – is a WHO (World Health Organization) best practice for skin disinfection before the administration of an injection. Designed to reduce skin bacterial counts by over 80%, alcohol swabs replace the old cotton method used for skin preparation. Unsafe skin preparations before giving an injection can be harmful to the patients.
“We are delighted to celebrate the first anniversary of the rollout of DispoCann alcohol swabs”, said Mr. Rajiv Nath, Managing Director, HMD Ltd. “Alcohol swabs have been proven to be a reliable disinfectant, efficiently eliminating bacteria & virus. The pre-moistened antiseptic swabs are in line with the HMD commitment to ensure optimum safety in medical practices. The product also marks the expansion of the number of low-cost, high-quality tools made by us to help reduce the risk of infection in patients.”
Dispocann alcohol swabs are an addition to HMD Ltd.’s portfolio of premium quality medical products that include Single Use Syringes, I.V. Cannulas, Auto Disable Syringes, scalpels, Single Use Needles, and Blood Collection Systems, among others. Products made by the healthcare device giant are known to be manufactured with a high degree of precision, ensuring the highest quality in mass production.

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