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“Marketing & innovation are the two key drivers of business growth,” says Mr. Pravin Chandan who has taken on the tumultuous task of being a mentor to aspiring marketers in the country.
Mr. Pravin Chandan is an experienced marketer with more than two decades of experience that has shaped him into one of the most sought-after business consultants in the direct selling industry. He has spearheaded the success of Mi Lifestyle Marketing, a direct selling company with its headquarters in Delhi. The exemplary success of the company through his efforts ensured that the company was able to set itself apart from the crowd & carve a name out for itself.
Mr. Pravin has been actively involved in several consulting projects with businesses, helping them find value, build scalable marketing processes & driving growth. He has always believed in bringing about positive changes in the lives of people & the businesses that serve them & to this end, he has taken on roles that require him to create elaborate business strategies & has been heavily focused on creating new employment opportunities.
When asked about why this is important at this juncture, he said, “We are all going through uncertain times right now where a lot of people are wondering where their next paycheck will come from. In such peril, if I can help create jobs & open up spaces for people to find jobs that suit them, I would be able to prevent families from going bankrupt or previously employed people from becoming dependent on others for money.” This attitude has been clear in his efforts & has brought about significant change in the lives of others.
Having worked with several companies like Hyundai Engineering, Jindal Steel, Mitsubishi & more, he has amassed insurmountable knowledge in the fields of business development, marketing & direct selling, to name a few. He was a pioneer in direct selling in the early 2000s when he set out to establish an empire in the industry & generated a turnover of million in just the first year of the company’s existence. He then went on to evolve his business into a multi-billion standing within a decade.
Given his shining career & glaring success in the field of direct selling, one would wonder why he chose the path of mentorship.
“I have worked for several years across various fields. This has allowed me to gain knowledge that can only come through experience. I have faced several hurdles in my various ventures & have been able to overcome them a step at a time. This knowledge can only come from decades of experience but would be extremely useful to leaders who are just getting started. Since I want to make a significant difference in the lives of many, it seemed like a natural step forward in my career, to share my knowledge with budding marketers & entrepreneurs. I would be able to put them 20 years ahead of their current experience through guidance.” says Mr. Pravin Chandan.
He now trains aspiring marketers & entrepreneurs in the best practices in the market, reviews existing marketing plans & suggests improvement, directs new marketing programs & so much more.
Here’s what Mr. Rajesh Yadav from Mumbai, one of his mentees, has to say about his experience being mentored by Pravin Chandan.
“I started my career in the direct selling industry but unfortunately failed and subsequently quit the business. I then took up my traditional business where I faced failure once again & was burdened with debt. All this while, I was in touch with my friends who were in Direct Selling and gradually got motivated through Mr. Pravin Chandan to restart this business. This time around, I changed my attitude, learned a lot & worked unconditionally according to the system that Mr. Chandan follows in his training. I have nothing but gratitude for my Guru Mr. Pravin Chandan through whom I have learned about building the right attitude, good communication skill, nurturing relationships, hard fieldwork, sales techniques & financial planning. All of this I see are the reasons for my achievements and success plus my main other reason is my team leaders & associates.
Through his proper guidance and motivation, I achieved all my dreams like a luxury home, car, office, investments, and 7- digit income. All this was possible only because of Mr. Pravin Chandan’s guidance. “
Making a change and guiding a leader is now and will always remain Mr. Chandan’s primary goal. To this end, he is extending his mentorship services to young entrepreneurs around the country. If anyone wishes to step into the tempest that is entrepreneurship, he/she can reach out to Mr. Pravin Chandan on this website & find the right guidance to get to the top of any industry.

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