Watertec Launches a Range of AI enabled Smart Bathroom Solutions for the Indian Consumers

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Envisaged with the mission to replace substandard metal products with good quality Engineered Polymer products at affordable costs and that which would last longer, Watertec India Pvt. Ltd, established in 1997, today is a leading name in premium bath fittings and accessories. With around 19000 channel partners across the country and a vast 700,000 square meter manufacturing facility equipped with the latest state-of-the-art machinery, the company has expanded its reach to the Middle Eastern, African, South Asian and the SAARC markets. The brand over the years have received the highest endorsements and certifications from the industry. To further enhance its endeavours to reach a wide consumer base with pandemic proof premium & affordable luxury solutions in bathrooms, the company has launched a range of products in the current Acetech 2021 Exhibition in Mumbai. “The current COVID and POST COVID scenarios poses a new challenge to the bathroom & the plumbing industry. The new normal stresses on healthy, hygienic, touch-free & self-cleaning, Ai controlled, IoT connected products. The markets demand to designing bathroom & plumbing solutions that not only meet these basic requirements but also are complimented with comfort, convenience, flawless performance, premium designs and long-lasting finish among several other features. As a brand that finds better ways to delight its customers, Watertec aims to deliver exactly this,” commented Bantwal Ramesh Baliga, the CEO and chief spokesperson for the brand. He further added “But being pandemic proof is not just the privilege of the HNI customer. Technology enabled bathroom solutions are the need of the hour in a new world order and Watertec, will have a range of products for everyone!

Watertec’s end-to-end bathroom solutions have internal designs that consist of scientifically formulated raw materials that are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial & anti-odour in nature while having external designs that promote ergonomic & minimal touch usage. To further meet the market demands Watertec aims to tap the intelligent bathroom segment by introducing a host of new product lines such as:

​The newest range of products from Watertec, enables the ultimate modern living experience. Put together by an elite panel of world-class designers, architects and engineers, every product bearing the Aqceto label reflects the brand’s ethos and is crafted to perfection. The faucets from this product range, come with stunning chrome & PVD finishes, which are both eye catching and utility based.
  1. CONTI+
The Conti+ Washroom & Shower solutions from Watertec are products with exceptional sensory qualities, cast in attractive shapes, combined with technically sophisticated functions. The Conti+ product portfolio comprises of a wide range of sanitary fittings such as single and multi-wash basins, wash basin faucets, mirrors, accessories, odor traps and angle valves. These products meet the needs of modern washrooms and WCs, with environment-friendly water-saving performance, touch-free operations and outstanding hygiene functions. Programmable hygienic rinse and thermal disinfection ensure safety, hygiene and potable water quality.


You can now upgrade your toilet to a smart cistern with a hygienic sensor activated dual flush from Watertec’s Oli range of touchless cisterns. The elegantly finished flush plates fitted on the walls get activated by a simple wave of a hand while you can choose a half or a full flush. consumers also have the option to chose a manual flush too. Having said, lesser the touch, means lesser contamination.


The touchless toilet seat cover is the ideal way to stop the spread of germs in home bathrooms. With an innovative sensory technology embedded inside, the toilet seat cover allows it to open and close just by the wave of a hand. On the other hand, the bidet toilet seat (with touch screen remote control) have heated seat features (different temperature control settings for comfort levels), adjustable spray for comfortable clean, UV sanitization that automatically cleanse the stainless-steel wand daily, carbon filter traps that maintain an odor free clean environment and LED lighting that illuminates the bowl.
Another area where there is a large consumption of water is that in the urinals. Each flush could tantamount to litres of water being expended while not even standing up to high standards of cleanliness in the prevalent models of urinals. Watertec’s Urimat is equipped with innovative designs in urinal shaping which will bring in a paradigm shift in the market. These will go a long way in water conservation. The waterless urinals use liquid sealers and rely on density differential between the sealant and the liquid waste.

The other products showcased by Watertec in the exhibition are its range of elegant chrome plated & polymer bath fittings, premium sanitaryware with hi-end designs, premium marine grade VRH stainless steel bathroom fittings and hi-end taps by Teorema from Italy. Watertec’s innovation-based business model ensures that the products evolve according to the market needs and demands. For instance, during the COVID situation, the company has come up with the “H2O Philosophy” that promotes Health, Hygiene and Original products. All the products from Watertec are therefore designed to promote optimal health, hygiene and provide an ultimate bathroom experience along with the ease of usage, flawless performance and elegant designs.

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