Amazon Storybox: A tale of hope

By Deepika Notani

Have you ever wondered where the products you order from amazon come from???? Amazon India, the leading online marketplace in the country, unveiled a fresh initiative to build a stronger connect between the sellers and customers through the narration of stories behind the product. It is called the ‘Amazon Storyboxes’, it narrates the story of several unique sellers who are working with the e-commerce platform. “It was a part of amazon campaign that started three years ago to build a stronger connection between the seller and the customer. The idea was to tell a story of where the product is coming from and how it is reaching the customers. Often customers do not know the faces behind the product.” says the Vice President, Gopal Pillai.

The main concept behind this innovative idea is to bridge a strong connection between the customers and the seller. The stories featured on the package gives the customer a glimpse into the person who made the product for them and helps them gain deeper understanding of what lies inside the box. It also revealed a strong underlying insight of the customer behaviour.

It is a wonderful move because it gives the seller the motivation to work with passion. They encourage the art and the creativity that goes into it. Storyboxes is an act of appreciation and recognition. It also pushes them to spread their story and make people aware about the efforts that goes in to bring a smile on their face. Amazon aims to engage with its customers, both online and offline. To give customers the best experience and amplify this innovatory idea, Amazon has placed on-ground installations showing sellers. This drives people to order products from that particular seller.

Image Credits: Marketing Mind

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