India far ahead than China, says Defence Minister, advises the industries to help the military

On December 14, Rajnath Singh, the defence minister said India has showcased exemplary courage in countering China’s aggression on the Line of Actual Control. Apart from military strength, India is one of the leading bases of the world in ideation and is far ahead than China in power.

India has the ability to independently handle its operation in the global world, ‘can fight anyone’ and face any challenge to survive, he added in the annual convention of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. 

He also guided the industrial sector of the country to enter into partnerships with the armed forces for exporting the advanced equipment, ammunitions and technology.

Even the Chief Defence Staff, Bipin Rawat said that India has a high level of preparations in their military capabilities on air, land and sea. Amidst the standoff in Ladakh, development activities have been noticed by the military in the Tibet region of China. They will continue to strengthen their strategy and military for the country’s interest, he added.

There is uncertainty for the Ladakh region in the future, the current aggression in the region is an example of how the pacts and agreements between the country can be challenged and violated, the assertion of power and even the changing dynamic of the countries.

Ladakh standoff: Indian and Chinese armies hold Lt General-level talks with  'positive approach' | India News - Times of India
photo credits- Times of India

The standoff in LAC, Ladakh has been ongoing for months where soldiers from both countries have been engaged in the aggression in cold winter. The diplomats from both sides have failed in their settlement meetings for dis-engagement.

The defence minister has stated the future generations will be proud of the benchmarks set by the military forces. While comparing the future scope of the military strength of India and China, there is no doubt that India is far ahead in strength and ideas than China in the global domain.  

He elaborated that till 1949, about 80% of the Chinese followed Buddhism and a Chinese scholar had himself said for more than 2000 years India has been able to control and dominate the culture of China without resorting to aggression and violence on the border.

Additionally, for years India has successfully managed to tackle the terror of Pakistan while the world had just risen from their sleep in the issue, said the defence minister.

India has alone fought with terrorism without support from any country, the world has understood now only about the threat Pakistan poses, it justifies the action of many countries denying help to Pakistan, who helplessly had to turn to China for relief by indirectly handing over a piece of their land. 

Pulwama terror attack: In last 5 years, J&K saw 93% rise in death of  security personnel in terror attacks - India News
photo credits- India today

He concluded that India has been managing to control the aggression from both its neighbours, now the Industries should also come forward to strengthen the military for collective interest. The Ministry of Defence has started to support domestic production and created ways for the industries to form ventures and partnerships with several countries to manufacture more defence hardware for India.

Bipin Rawat, chief of defence staff also believes it is time to incorporate the technology in the military strategies and strength to combat and survive future challenges probably on northern India.

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