Indian army returns the Chinese soldier caught in Ladakh

The Chinese soldier caught, by the Indian Army was returned to the People’s Liberation Army on the morning of October 21.

On Sunday, a soldier from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army had lost its way and was found by the Indian army in the eastern side of Ladakh.

The Chinese soldier, Wang Ya Long is given the necessary medical aid, food and clothes, the army said. He was found with civil and military documents and is from the 6th Motorised Infantry Division of the PLA. the documents are being examined by the Indian Army.

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Along the Line of Actual Control in the Eastern Ladakh, both the nations have deployed over 50,000 soldiers. It includes the area, Demchok where there has been an ongoing standoff since May 2020.

Once all the formalities are completed, the Indian army has decided to return the Chinese soldier to PLA, in the Chushul-Moldo meeting point.

The People’s Liberation Army has also requested to know about the location of their missing soldier.

Photo credits- The Print

China hopes that India would soon return the soldier who strayed his way into India while fetching a yak for a local herdsman on October 18, said Zhang Shuili, Senior Colonel from the Western Theater Command of the PLA.

The PLA had informed the Indian army immediately after the soldier had gone missing. They also hoped that India would give the required help to their soldier, he added.

China expects its neighbour to fulfil the promise of returning the soldier and acknowledge the agreement made in the 7th senior commanders meeting, so as to keep the peace between the nations.

India and China have been indulged in diplomatic talks since May. They are trying to resolve the conflict and disengage the standoff. However, the agreements are not yet materialised as China has refused to restore the status quo.

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Written by Shailly Agarwal

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