Arnab Goswami assaulted in Taloja jail, targeted for his journalism claimed his lawyers

On November 4, the Chief-in-Editor of Republic tv, Arnab Goswami was arrested by the Mumbai Police regarding the 2018 suicide case. He was charged with IPC section 34 and 306 for the suicide of Interior Designer, Anvay Naik and his mother due to the non-payment of dues by the Republic Media Network.

The reporter of the Mavericktimes had connected to the local crime branch, Alibag to know more about the Anvay Naik case as there were multiple versions in the media. In a conversation with Monika More, the constable at the Alibag police station did not have the information on the same. Which also raises the question if the constable really did not have the answer or was she not supposed to? 

Later, Constable More asked the reporter to contact the Public Relations Officer of police. In addition to this, the reporter discovered that the previous PRO was transferred and a new public relations officer was posted in Alibag, as per the constable. Upon contacting the PRO, Javed Mulla, sub-inspector said, ‘we do not have any authentic information’.

The reporter further contacted the lawyers defending Arnab Goswami. In conversation with the lawyer Abad Ponda, he gave an insight into the case. Mr Ponda said that Arnab Goswami was put behind the bars for his style of journalism where he can be seen questioning Maharashtra government. 

When Mr Ponda was asked about the suicide case for which Arnab Goswami was arrested, he said, ‘There is no evidence against him, they have gone and created everything. Initially, there were none and suddenly they have got a lot. The timing of the lot is very suspecting because when he speaks against them they start creating the lot till then nobody had created anything’. 

On 4th November, a rage of mixed views on social media was seen for the sudden arrest and the alleged assault of Arnab Goswami. The President of the Bhartiya Janta Party, Amit Shah tweeted against the misuse of power against the accused. 

Many people had replied with the hashtag #IStandWithArnab urging the government to support the editor in chief of Republic Tv. They had literally warned the central government that if no action is taken to support Arnab Goswami, people would not support them in the upcoming elections.  

Mr Ponda said, ‘nobody has supported him, has they bothered to help him? The whole establishment is against him.’ The lawyers have no received any support from whosoever which has led the people to criticise the government for their ignorance. 

‘Caught using social media in custody’, Arnab Goswami shifted to Raigad jail. Republic TV has denied the allegation that Arnab Goswami used a phone while in judicial custody, describing the claim as ‘sickening falsehood’. If the police are believed to be true about Arnab Goswami using the phone. it also hints a lavish wifi Judicial custody under Maharashtra Government.

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