After President Trump, PM Modi can lose the upcoming elections

On November 7, President Donald Trump lost the US elections 2020 to Joe Biden. It is rumoured that with the downfall of Trump in America, Modi will also lose the upcoming general elections owing to the similarities between them. 

The first prominent similarity that people often find is their social media activity. When it comes to tweets and posts on social media both the leaders are active in expressing their views. While PM Modi not tweeting on important events have taken the attention of many people. Donald Trump’s frequency of tweets on social media has worked against him. It is rumoured that Trump’s team had been trying to keep him off the Twitter account by showing him only the news that is favourable to him. 

It has been observed that Narendra Modi is often silent in important issues but would become active when it comes to posting for irrelevant events. The Twitter account of PM Modi was inactive when the Dadri lynching took place, however, he did not stop himself from posting about the Death of Asha Bhosle’s son. He has the time to tweet about the Indian cricket team but not about the arrest of Arnab Goswami. 

Apart from their social media presence, both the leaders have been a part of many scandals. In the reign of US President Donald Trump, the Russian scandal had taken place. It was in relation to the security and credibility of the American voting system. 

Later, during the investigation of the Russian intervention in the voting system of America, Trump had allegedly fired FBI Director James Comey in 2017 and put the blame on the senior Justice Department officials. Director Comey had also testified that Trump had asked him to dismiss the investigation on the National Security Adviser, Flynn who was accused of misleading the White House for being a part of the Russian scandal.

Did the Trump administration know about possible Russian bounties on US  troops in Afghanistan? - Vox
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Even the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is allegedly involved in such scandals. Such as the e-nam Yojna of bringing the national agricultural market on the online platform. In spite of having every essential element of the e-nam market plan still, it was a failure. Because of the disinterest of farmers and their unfriendly interface with the e-nam portal. It was seen farmers were e-illiterate. They do not even have their unique id passes to access the portal and didn’t believe in its access and benefits.

It is also believed that a major reason that President Trump lost the 2020 US elections was due to his incompetent handling of the coronavirus situation in the US. Similarly, Prime Minister Modi had mishandled the mass migrant worker situation in India where thousands of migrant workers were left stranded and unemployed. The government made no significant efforts to send them to their native places and many influential people had to step in to contribute in helping the workers. 

No work, no money': Thousands of stranded migrant workers walk back home as  India under 21-day coro- The New Indian Express
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People have also accused Trump of his racial views. There were instances of him blaming a judge for being biased as he was Mexican. His real estate company was even sued for not renting black people. He had also challenged President Barack Obama’s birthplace doubting if he was even born in the United States. 

President Trump had also slammed the Black Lives Matter protest when it was holding momentum in the country. He blamed the protest for destroying many black lives and called the crowds of the protest as the bunch of thugs. While People have also blamed Modi for supporting the people from a specific social-economic background. For instance, Modi’s support for large organisations like reliance and Adani. 

Both have also been criticised for being anti-Muslims. For instance, In the recent Uttar Pradesh elections, BJP had won 312 seats out of 403 but they did not even have one Muslim candidate. The Indian government had also banned the sale of cattle for slaughter which would affect the religious minorities. On the other hand, Donald Trump had also banned immigration to the US of people from certain Muslim countries. 

US: Muslim ban continues to 'devastate' lives
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People have disagreed with their Islamophobic ideas and extremist policies. President Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi also are accused of having nationalist beliefs. Such as the MAGA campaign of Trump. People had accused him of speaking low of America while Modi’s nationalistic views for Hindutva had made people target him. 

People had also found them of spending millions of dollars in their respective election campaigns. Modi had spent around 714.28 crores (approximately $114 million) for his 2014 election campaigns while Trump spent 1 billion dollars in the 2020 election campaign. 

It is rumoured that with the downfall of Trump in America, Mr Modi will also lose the upcoming general elections owing to the similarities between them. Although the United States are in a better situation as they had an option for the Presidency. With the BJP’s government being elected for the past two terms, indicates that the Indian National Congress is not much of an option. Finally, voters are not left with much of an alternative. 

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Written by Shailly Agarwal

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