JEE-NEET exams to be conducted in July

By Khushi Mehra

JEE main and NEET 2020 have not been postponed. Nation testing agency is scheduled to conduct exams in July this year; students are demanding the postponement, due to the health risks as the cases are rising steadily. JEE main 2020 is scheduled from July 18 to July 23 whereas NEET 2020 is scheduled for July 26.

Lately, National testing agency is receiving appeals from the students to postpone the engineering and medical entrance exams. However, the number of the cases are rising and students are demanding, having taken to social media with the hashtag’s like #HealthOverNEETjee #NoExamsInCOVID #PostponeJEENEET #StudentsLiveMatters.

Human Resource Development Minister recently reviewed the situation and held a meeting with the heads of CBSE, NTA as well as AICTE and UGC. Still, there’s no update on postponing or cancellation of the exams. There is a fear among students all across the nation regarding the health. NSUI has also come forward raising a demand to postpone exams as they talk about students right to equal education.

Moreover, around 1,800 students have signed petition asking for JEE and NEET exams to be postponed. The petition says “As a time when the nation is grappling with increasing COVID-19 cases, our country is holding nation-wide entrance exams and that is totally not going to help but worsen the situation.”

Seeing all these movements on social media platforms, the government will have to do something different for conducting the exams. The decision-making process should be updated as soon as possible as it effects students mental and physical health.

Image Credits: Way2Barak

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