Badshah’s ‘Paagal’ fake views aftermath

Indian rapper Aditya Pratik Singh Sisodia famously known as Badshah has confessed that he had paid Rs. 72 lakhs to gain more views on social media.

Badshah’s single ‘Paagal’, last year created a record with 75 million views on YouTube in a day. Badshah purchased 7.2 crore views for Rs. 72 lakhs. He wanted to set a world record beating the previous records of Taylor Swift and BTS the Korean Boy Band. Many Bollywood celebrities have gone for this option to gain popularity. It is just considered to be an easy way to spread the reach of their song quickly into the crowd. After Google, YouTube is the most searched and when the views are of such videos are changed the good content gets affected.

The audience always wants songs that are fun and peppy. When videos are given fake views they go up in the search engine and if a good song is launched at the same time it might not gain the views, likes or love that it deserves. This results in the search engine to get manipulated. These artists don’t have that much money to make the music video and even if they succeed in making them they don’t have money like these celebrities to buy viewers to gain popularity and hence get demotivated.

The audience always cribs for good content and when they get it they don’t prefer watching it. If we don’t watch the good content of small artist how do we expect them to earn? If good movies or songs are launched in Bollywood the audiences would still prefer to watch an item number over it.

The American artist 6ix9ine had spoken about the billboard’s manipulation where his song “Gooba” was second the day it released and Ariana Grande’s song “Stuck With You” was on number 5 but before the end of the night Ariana’s song was on number 1.

Also, Jin of the Kpop sensation BTS said, “ I hope the time will come when everyone makes good music and listen to good music.” He received a lot of love from his fans for this statement.“There are many artists and people making songs, I hope a world will come when all of those songs will be recognized and be listened to a lot. There are methods of cheating, but wouldn’t it be better to make music with more honest ways? “

Sarosh Nanavaty an Indian artist, sang a brilliant song “Sisters Say No”. But she has only received 4.4k views for it. Songs like these are something that we need but all we get are special numbers staring the celebrities. The audience needs to realise that blaming the industry for bad content isn’t the solution but watching the good one is.

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