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Do you believe that the food which is supplied to your apartment is nutritious and safe? Do you know homegrown vegetables taste better? Eating healthy fo…

By Khushi Mehra

Do you believe that the food which is supplied to your apartment is nutritious and safe? Do you know homegrown vegetables taste better? Eating healthy food is what we all want. The veggies we get easily in the market are not entirely healthy. Basically, some of us know where are they grown and how are they grown. Have you ever thought of gardening in your small court, that is inside your own house? A small garden of your own. Did you ever think of it?

It is a universal fact and scientifically proven that food is essential but have you ever thought of growing it yourself. Let’s understand why are we talking about this in the first place. As we all know, food plays a very vital role. If you can grow your own food, you have power in your hands. The capability of creating what you consume. Our ecosystem is more adjustable than us, we can farm on our own land or in our courtyard, the choice is all ours. If you grow it yourself your budget gets a good reflex as you become more self-dependent.

The food that we buy from the market isn’t organic no matter how many approval certificates it possesses. The artificial techniques used to reach the needs in producing our food are making our digestive system weaker and weaker. The amount of pesticides and fertilizers used in mass-producing the food we consume are still unknown to us. For achieving the needs of people, technology is surely helping us but in return taking an efficient amount of health.

Source: Deutsche Welle

People like Ron Finley, are teaching “How to grow your own food.” It’s easy and accessible to work. It is practicable, especially during the time of the pandemic. You can find many innovative ideas and techniques to grow organic and nutritional food in your home. You don’t need any specific equipment to grow something, you just need to do it. You can make your own compost from your domestic waste. That’s all you have to do. Eat healthy food by growing some healthy stuff.

At many places in Mumbai, the food is grown across the lands and balconies also adopting the culture of terrace farming by the upgraded class.

Uma Hardiya the working woman of Mumbai while talking to MaverickTimes said “You can grow in your broken buckets, and convert it into a beautiful pot. People make choices regarding the food they want; I make choices regarding which one to grow.”

People say they are busy with the tumultuous schedule they have for themselves, but it’s important to make time for it yourself.

There are many people like Ron Finley who are approaching people to make their food in a simpler way. Approach yourself and others in the field of survival. Agriculture is a field humans can never give up on. Just grow your own veggies and you can learn how to grow with it.

Help our planet to breathe, help the small creatures to survive the better way. There are not many rules or, there are no rules for anyone to grow their own foods. You just need some patience and vigour to make this happen. Soil is a drill to make and compost is safe to drill. Your material, that you will grow will be much more organic than any commercial product you trust or devour.

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Written by Afsha Shaikh

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