Entertainment Industry takes a hit due to COVID-19

By Madeeha Khan

From the beginning of 2020, the World has faced a drastic turn of events. The pandemic has led to a huge loss to various industries, including the entertainment industry. Never in history has this industry witnessed such bleakness that COVID-19 has made it go through. The entertainment industry has been vulnerable and has gone for a toss, as it requires the efforts of a number of people to receive a final outcome. It has affected every sector in it, be it live or theatrical events, online video streaming, sports, etc. and has done nothing but create a major depression.

In India alone COVID-19 has affected the lives of more than 60 million people associated with the industry out of which the livelihood of 10 million people is at risk. The global industry has faced a loss of approximately $160 billion.

Trade analyst Atul Mohan in an interview with ‘Hindustan Times’ predicted a weekly loss of $10.5 billion for the Bollywood industry alone. However, the OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime have gained subscriptions. The fright of the movie industry is coming true. Though the OTT platforms are unable to shoot new content, they have plenty to stream.

Some countries have started to ease their lockdown with certain precautions to be considered. For instance, the resuming of an Australian soap opera ‘Neighbours’ ensures to maintain social distancing on set and shoot by setting special camera angles to make the characters appear closer, with the total crew count of 100.

Alok Tandon, CEO of INOX Leisure Ltd. said that they have thought of different ways of social distancing, stating, “Cross allocation of seats is one measure, another being to programme the shows in such a manner that entries, intermissions and exits of two shows do not occur simultaneously. We will be deploying enhanced hygiene protocols, non-invasive temperature checks and hand sanitizers, also deep cleaning and disinfecting process will continue to remain intense.”

People have become comfortable with online content that the other sectors will face difficult times but gradually recover. As Asha Bhosle stated, “This Pandemic will affect every industry to an extent. But I feel that once this is over, the entertainment industry will bounce back strongly.”

Nevertheless, there will be a ‘new normal’. A normal that no one has ever seen before. A normal that would be difficult to accept since humans have a need to socialize that keeps them going. A new normal would make us stronger and better. A new normal full of optimism. We have faced many calamities in the past and went through it. This too shall pass, until then ‘No Lights, Camera and Action’

Image Credits: MaverickWorks

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