Ten life-lessons Sushant Singh Rajput’s characters taught us

By Khushi Mehra

When the news of Sushant’s death flashed on my screen I thought my friends were playing a prank on me. Sadly, they weren’t. With many memorable characters, Sushant left us with a basket full of life-lessons.

  • Byomkesh Bakshi

Byomkesh taught us to never leave unfinished business and always go to the depth of the truth. Being a ‘Satyanveshi‘ is not just about finding the truth but also about never losing your morals.

  • Ishaan Bhatt

Ishaan taught us that if you are not able to make your dream come true, help others achieve theirs. He also taught us the importance of a good mentor in life.

  • Mansoor Khan

Mansoor taught us that one’s religion is merely a facade. It doesn’t matters when you truly love someone. Respecting every human is important and is all that matters.

  • Sarfraz Yousuf

Sarfaraz taught us to never give up on love. He held on to the hope that Jaggu will one day call him and they’ll be reunited. Also, borders can divide land not hearts.

  • Lakhna

Lakhna taught us that you can always redeem your past sins. Just like how Lakhna corrected his mistakes and protected Sonchirya. Do not let your past dictate your present.

  • Manav Damodar Deshmukh

Manav taught us that difficulties are a part of life and our family is the only comfort. No matter how bad you screw up you’ll always find them standing by your side.

  • Shiv Kakkar

Shiv taught us that love is the connection of soul. A love that survives the adversities as worse as death is worth a fight. His carefree and living-in-the-moment attitude is a life lesson we all have forgotten.

  • Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mahi taught us to make the decisions at the right time; whether it is your professional or personal. Just do things on time before you lose, the grip. It’s okay to not have a backup plan.

  • Anni

Anni taught us life is full of hurdles, giving up is not a solution. It’s okay to fail. It’s okay to drop a year. It’s okay to not be as successful as your parents. But it’s not okay to jump of a roof.

  • Samar

Samar taught us to relax and wait for the right time to show up. Staying alert and continue working towards the goal is important.

Dear Sushant, Thank You for giving us these gems. We love you and we hope you are in peace up there, beyond the land of wrongdoings or rightdoings.

Here’s two lines from my favorite song of yours:

Jaan nisaar hai Jaan nisaar
Tere pyaar pe mere yaar
Jaan nisaar hai

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