The dire need of Original Content Creators

By Khushi Mehra

Dedication towards one’s passion comes naturally; to struggle, accomplish and celebrate one’s work-cum-joy. The journey taken reeks of “Never Give Up” no matter the hurdles. Artists who create original content are the example of originality and creativity. They are brilliant when it comes to their art, which in today’s world is very important. Where most of the content is copied from internet, original content providers are a blessing.

These artists take a chance, a risk. A risk to be liked or disliked, to be ignored or accepted, to be successful or fail. These coming of the age artists deserve our love and support to prosper and make a name for themselves. Here are a few you should check out if you are into art be it dance, make-up or photography.


A photographer, in love with mother nature. Every picture in his feed will leave you mesmerized. Whether it’s northern lights, glaciers or a cozy cabin on top of the mountains. If you are hitting on his profile do watch “The boy who spoke to earth”. A sense of purity through an image.


Showcasing a completely different perspective on make-up, he creates illusions which are difficult even for an Illustrator or for an editor using Photoshop. Her canvas reflects her imagination. This profile has completely different module, that speaks beyond language.


The proper gathering of drawing, modeling and photography. He is an inspiration for many young artists and an idol for his followers. Every angle of his art is mesmerizing. There is a form of uniqueness in every phase. Mixture of graphite with watercolor shines is a mirage of emotions.


A visual story teller, with a complete bunch of folk and mythological tales. Depicting the Indian mythology in a modern and interesting way. He writes small tales beside the artwork and teaches gratitude towards creatures around us.


The photographer with a unique style. A combination of colors with black and white can amaze anyone. Aesthetic portrayal of emotions. The sentiments are completely clear. Every picture depicts a story you want to hear.

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A contemporary artist. If you want to just see and feel fresh this is the place to be. A combination of Flora and Fauna with a customization on each image. The artwork with a picky eye-catching color having messages embedded within it.


The work you will see, on this page is mostly Render 3d Effect. At first look, the artworks may seem a bit odd. But when looked at carefully, you will notice the work has complete composure and is detailed to the smallest pixel.

Look at these profiles and remember to stay connected to your artwork. The hard work you put today, is your investment in the future of your art. The artists and their profiles showcased; were someone like us when they started. Dreaming and working devotedly is what is needed.

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