COVID-19: A boon for our Environment

By Khushi Mehra

We are all going through crisis that is COVID-19. We all learned and grew a lot from this. From making small moments count to planning big, we changed and so did our environment. Pollution resulted in us losing our corals and increased carbon-dioxide emissions. But, due to lockdown, nature has started healing. It’s like wildlife, ecosystem, ozone layer, and everything that has nature’s privilege has had a makeover.

Besides all of the problems that we think we are facing, the environment is giving us the chance to redo our duty as its protector. Nature has its own mysterious ways to heal. All we have to do is sit back and observe. The ecosystem is healing itself without any interruption from human life, let practice the same even after the lockdown is lifted and things are back to normal.

Our reverent rivers Yamuna and Ganga are getting cleaned without any Water Wheel Aerator. The clarity of the water has improved without any human interruption. After the arrival of dolphins in river Ganga, Flamingos are spotted in Mumbai after two years. The Great Himalayas are visible from miles now, in lockdown from Jalandhar, Punjab. The skylines are visible again in the capital and the pollution levels have reached satisfactory levels.

We are changing even if we don’t want to and so is our environment. The industries have shut down. The construction has stopped. There’s almost no traffic on roads. And humans have started to appreciate what Mother Earth has to offer.

Every situation has two sides, a positive and a negative, what matters is which side we are looking at. Changes might not always be in our favour. It’s important to learn to be okay with what is happening, to be okay to endure some losses and learn through our errors. Economically, yes! We are facing huge breakdown or but environment is seeing a massive rebuilt.

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