Twitter shows Leh as part of China, govt. sent strong-worded letter

The Indian government has sent a frowning letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, delivering its strong disfavor over misconceiving the Indian map, as it included Leh as part of China. The letter clearly declared that any strive by the micro-blogging platform to contempt the country’s sovereignty and integrity is totally intolerable and hence it outrages Indian public. Hence, due to this Twitter faced heavy reproval from social media users after its geo-tagging feature displayed “Jammu & Kashmir, the People’s Republic of China” in a live broadcast from Leh’s Hall of Fame, a war memorial for fallen soldiers in the Union Territory of Ladakh.

Government conveys 'strong disapproval' to Twitter for showing Leh in China  - News Live TV

Reports claimed that  IT Secretary Ajay Sawhney has sent a strongly-worded letter and has notified that performing any such action on this platform not only bring shame to Twitter but also forces to questions about its neutrality and fairness as an intermediary.

Subsequently, Twitter this week, called it a technical issue which has been swiftly resolved.

Earlier, Twitter had shown the geo-location of Leh in Jammu and Kashmir, People’s Republic of China. Following that, he reminded Twitter that Leh is the headquarters of the Union Territory of Ladakh. And that both Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir are integral and inalienable parts of India, governed by the Constitution.

When contacted, Twitter in an e-mail responded, “Twitter remains committed to working with the Government of India. We respect the sensitivities involved and have duly acknowledged the letter.”

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