Neuralink will allow people to stream music in their brains, Elon Musk claims

by Madeeha Khan

Neuralink, a typical Elon Musk invention, is a brain-computer chip startup. The billionaire claims that Neuralink can stream music directly within the user’s brain and has put twitter burning. It is additionally said to cure problems like depression and stress and will be able to put its implant during a person within a year.

Neuralink was established in 2016 and is Musk’s neural technology company. Musk also owns Tesla and SpaceX. He is trying to develop an implant designed to interface directly with the human brain. He says that the main goal is to use it as a way to treat brain injury and trauma.

Musk in Joe Rogan’s podcast said that there’s still a lot of work to do. The chip may be accustomed to restore eyesight, hearing and limb movement additionally to other mental disorders “So when I say, you know, we’ve probably got a shot at putting it in a person, you know, within a year. I think that’s exactly what I mean, I think we have a chance of putting input in one end, having them to be healthy, and restoring some functionality that they’ve lost.” This device would directly be implanted within the skull to permit electrode threads to interface with certain areas of the brain, he added.

“ It could in principle, fix anything that’s wrong with the brain,” Musk said.

Musk well-versed a question on Twitter and confirmed that Neuralink would allow people to stream music into their brains. He also said that it’ll allow humans to compete with AI. It will be like your own personal pandoras station. Musk in 2019 described Neuralink as an array of flexible electrode threads that contain 3072 electrodes per array across 96 threads.
The media industry is evolving at a high rate and there’s growing popularity of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Neuralink wants to redefine what future humans are. It’ll improve memory or direct interfacing with computing devices. “Over time I think we will probably see a closer merger of biological intelligence and digital intelligence. It is mostly about the bandwidth, the speed of the connection between your brain and the digital version of yourself, particularly output,” he added. He also believes that humans will need to explore cyborg-like technologies as AI continues to grow.

However, this mission of the chip is yet not clear. It’s more sort of a hormonal hijacker capable of making you fall in love. Originally, it was said that the goal is to supply Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) for humans to take care of their competitive edge to AI. With the help of BCI, you’d just think of any song or video and your phone would start playing it.

Musk also claims that it’ll solve neurological problems like OCD, ALS, Autism, etc. OCD and ALS are boutique conditions that mean they don’t indicate, attack or reply to treatment the same way among affected individuals. As for Autism, it isn’t a disease or illness which will be ‘solved’, it can’t be cured or solved.

The creepy part is opening up the skull and removing a part of it to fix a chip, just to regulate a number of their natural function. The thought of an invasive gadget which will potentially control your brain’s hormones and sharing it with a chip designed to speak with external sources is frightening.

A lot shouldn’t be expected from Neuralink, because it is different in explaining what the dish is then seeing it in your plate. Unless it’s able to plan onto making an invasive medical device or a non-invasive common device.

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