Go Easy- Breezy with the Hippie Style this summer

Summer is here and all we are looking for is to shed down the conventional dressing norms. It is a season of letting yourself lose and adorning the colorful and vibrant lose and let lose  Hippie Style. This style originated in 1960, the United States as a youth movement. The movement empowers you to fracture the conventional way of living- long-haired unconventionally, faded clothes, loose tops with vintage jackets are few from their closet. This is the season to get yourself fussy, less capitalistic and parade with your hand-made neckpiece that you have created recently.

Here are few five groovy vintages styled hippie attires that you wouldn’t want to miss out this summer

Image source: Vintage dancer

Image source: DH
Image source: Wear4trend
Image source: Pinterest
Image source: Etsy
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