Mumbai NSS’s Student On Road To Raise Awareness

Students came out on road for Road safety awareness, trying to raise awareness in the mass by street plays, banners, gathering and various ways. NSS college’s student unit is working hard towards the safety of people and believe there program can bring changes on roads. They will continue to do this for a week. ¬†Where as¬†Mumbai recoded the highest number of 24,639 road accident cases in 2016 with 467 recoded deaths. It starts from the very first stage of driving license procedure. The procedure of passing a D.L. should be re-checked and improvised with the growing traffic and rules on the roads. There are also cases of not eligibles drivers seen driving vehicle on the roads.

Let’s make there efforts worthy by following traffic rules. Also it would we a great step by the government if they re- check the Driving license procedure. There are instances of fake D.L’s and middle man in the approval of Driving license helping the D.L. getting approved. Great!

Which later leads to accidents on roads and corruption in the system. One way to stop this dual pollution is by the removal of the pollutants which are the fake drivers’ who appear fraudulently in the procedure and police on the road neglecting it. Here is the link to the story which involves the case of Driving license procedure./

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