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Atmanirbhar enough?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his latest address to the nation talked about becoming ‘aatmnirbhar’ providing social media and meme community with enough content to last for lockdown.

What we might have missed amongst this fun chaos is the reality of how government is still dependent on other nations governments for a number of things. In his speech Prime Minister mentioned that becoming self-reliant is the key to becoming a superpower in twenty-first century.

But do we find him honoring his words? There’s a saying, ‘Practice what you preach.’

Our Prime Minister certainly fails to do so. Especially when you wear Maybach sunglasses, write using a Mont Blanc and own a Movado, its hard to prove a point.

 All these are either German or American. The things that can easily be replaced to set an example to be followed.

Indian Government has come up with ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’ which involves investing ₹20 lakh crore to help migrants, laborers and workers. It includes MSMEs also.
Credits: almost_bobby

With no money in the hands of poor, migrants stranded on the roads and daily wage laborers fighting for a meal a day, Modi’s ‘Atmanirbhar’ yojana seems to be running errands without any goal or result.

What do you think?

Written by Nikita Gupta

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