Smriti Hits Back At Rahul Gandhi Over Farmer Protest

Smriti  Irani showed up on a three-day visit to her parliamentary constituency Amethi on Friday. The Union Minister summons Rahul Gandhi for misleading farmers in the seminar as she says, “Rahul Gandhi  is telling lies, shedding crocodile tears and misleading Farmers”.

Irani’s thought-provoking move against Gandhi for a debate on farmer issues, she asked him to come in the midst of farmers here and claimed that she would expose him for every single sin committed by him. The Union minister addressed the rally in Singhpur block in Tiloi as part of an epic exercise held by the BJP to extend a hand to farmer as Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday released over Rs 18,000 crore to more than nine crore farmer families under the ‘Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi’ (PM-KISAN).

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Gandhi shows sympathy to the farmers now, he who himself has “grabbed” the land of farmers. His family had knowingly kept Amethi and its farmers away from development. They kept misleading them, enjoyed the fruits of power sitting in Delhi and lived in a palace of gold,” Smriti alleged.

After the BJP formed government in Delhi, various development works were undertaken , she mentioned.

The Modi and Yogi government are working for the benefits of the farmers. BJP leader Smriti Irani said  the direct payments to accounts which farmers always wanted is now possible. Rahul Gandhi and Congress are lying and confusing the farmers. Union Minister Smriti Irani questioned Rahul Gandhi to explain how much he has given to Amethi? “cannot give medical colleges to people, no educational institutions to children.” There will be no conspiracy under Yogi and Modi’s rule. Prime Minister Modi will soon address with his vision for farmers.She added,  Recall how much land of poor people was acquired by Robert Vadra during the Congress government.

Rahul Gandhi was upset with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to take the interest of farmers, Irani said. Farmers should not fall into false congress claims regarding new agricultural laws.

“Those who are misguiding the farmers by becoming their sympathiser will be taught a lesson by the public in future,” ANI reported Union Agriculture Minister Tomar as saying.

 In a letter to 40 representatives of farmer unions, Vivek Aggarwal, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, induced them to decide the time and date for the next round of meeting, and also “give details of other issues on which you want to negotiate”.

So far, there has not been any progress after five rounds of meeting between the government and farmer unions, who have mentioned that their demand for repeal of the three farm laws was “not a negotiation”.

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