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Dalits, rejected by the society for existing

Let’s take a look at the social strata of India where people from the lower social background are not allowed to draw water from the same wells as the upper castes. In Tamil Nadu. separate utensils and glasses are kept for them in public food or tea stalls. In Madhurai, the village is divided into two parts, the lower castes have a separate area.

78% of parents not ready to send kids till Covid-19 is over

The central government had permitted the reopening of schools from October 15 but the decision rests with the state government. They have to decide depending on the status of Coronavirus pandemic in their area.

CBI to take over Hathras case, Accused found victim’s friend

The central government has issued notification for the CBI to take the investigation of the Hathras Murder-rape case of a 19-year case in Uttar Pradesh. The CBI filed an FIR on Sunday under the charges of murder and gangrape. The agency has formed a team to investigate.

Center ready to waive interest on interest

The center informed the Supreme Court that it manifested to relinquish "interest on interest" on the loan of up to Rs 2crore for the...