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The Police Head Quarters worth Rs. 17,91,263 is not worthy

The Police Head Quarters of Uttar Pradesh has been constructed beautifully with a budget of Rs. 17,91,263 but isn’t even functioning right. The promises of having a digital India or a helpline number are only fancy things when in reality they don’t even function well. The rate of speed of the construction of the police head quarters physically is amazing whereas the rate of the functionality of the police is horrible.

The U.P police sever as a wonderful example for much bruit and little fruit. They are very famous to question the young population for smoking in public or the RomeoSquad. But where do they disappear when there is a real problem. If the same police are sent to Mumbai for 5 days, they’ll end up spending their whole time in just getting rid of the couples on Marine Drive.

A recent case of domestic violence was launched on 8th August in Uttar Pradesh. The person received a message stating that the e-FIR has been launched and received the number of a police official in it. When they tried to call him the number wasn’t available. When they tried to use the UPcop app there were many glitches in it that they weren’t able to even log in. An email address was also provided that didn’t respond. A tweet was also made to UP Police Officials asking for help and requesting them to look into this matter immediately to which they received no response. They’ve spoken to the SP, SSP and SP (P.R.O.) but haven’t received any response yet. The tweet was made by tagging the Chief Minister Mr Yogi Adityanath, UP Police and ANI News UP.

The helpline number for women’s safety is 1090 and when you call them, they demand to speak to a lady only. What if a case has taken place in a small area where the lady doesn’t even have a phone and has asked a neighbour or someone for help, will it still not be okay for a man to ask for help on the helpline? So how can one connect to the police then? What is the point of digitization if I have to go to the police station to have a word with the officials? How can you provide a non-functioning number in an FIR copy? The officials might not know how to work on digital platforms so how will they run it?

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In the US if one calls on 911 by mistake and disconnects the call, they call them back asking if everything is good. Also, If you call them consecutively they don’t even question or shout at you that why are calling them every day, on the other hand, they ask you if you’re doing well. The US tells you that they are available digitally and proves it whereas we, not so much. When Late Sushma Swaraj, a senior leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party was the External Affairs Minister, the tweets used to be answered very quickly. For instance, if an individual would be travelling on the train and reported a problem via tweet the problem would be solved before or at the next station.

Domestic Violence is a very sore subject and it needs immediate attention. The more the police delays it the worse it becomes. If the rate of speed to deal with such cases will be this slow then we might end up finding those women dead in their houses and hence no justice will be provided. In many rural areas the women don’t even have phones so tweeting is something that can only be thought of but even if they find a phone and report their issue on 1090 but don’t receive a response further, then what will they do?

Image Credits:- The Indian Express

In the end, it’s essential to understand that running a bulldozer over Vikas Dubey’s house isn’t justice. Even though he is a criminal, it doesn’t give them the right to destroy his house. They can not take the law in their hands. Spending a huge budget on advertising isn’t something that we need, getting the police force to work for it is. The police are responsible for the protection and functioning of the nation. They need to improve their time of action and efficiency. Their functioning pattern shows that they clearly need to work on it.

Image Credits:- UP Police

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Written by Madeeha Khan

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