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Are you wearing plastic?

Are we wearing plastic? They say-  “What you sow so shall you reap”.

Plastic, one of the low-priced commodity is recycled into big-budget high-street brands by the retailers. Often we invest in clothing by believing that quality comes with a certain price tag but does the price tag greater than the cost of your life?

The ocean will have more plastic than fish by 2050 if we don’t stop dumping plastic into the ocean’- says Good on you writer Isobella Wolfe. The fashion industry is producing high-street clothing with the same waste plastic that humans dispose of the water. The lives of many marine animals are at stake due to the outpouring plastic disposable in the water.

The condition of increase plastic disposable in the Mediterranean ocean is higher during the summer season,” says a fisherman to Siobhan Robbins. The fishes are dying due to overpopulated plastic pollution in the marine ocean. The only means of livelihood for these fishermen are marine fishes which if they go extinct when their life is at stake.

Fashion, a speedy industry that flourishes every day is the most polluted since they are adorning customers with their recycled plastics attires. People, unconscious and with an absence of awareness are consuming these life-threatening carcinogens to showcase their fashion progressive behavior. Are these products and brands guarantee a genuine sustainability quotient?

A bottle recycling center in the UK recycles plastic into many stages- Shredding is one of them where the bottles are shredded and are shipped internationally. The plastics are then sorted together and clear plastic are made into white clothes and materials that could be dyed. The hard wired plastics are mixed with light colored that is used for making white garments. “The liquid plastics are converted into threads” reports National geography.

In the ball game of ‘radical transparency’ few brands that believe in reusing plastic as garments in their selves would be



Image source: NAWO

A United States clothing retailer that believes in the concept of recycling plastic into their clothing brands who believe in making the right choice to be ‘as easy as putting on a great T-shirt.’ Their plastic clothes come in the new form of a collection called ‘ReNew’ who believes in rescuing three million plastic water bottles.

Our goal is not to add synthetic to the line, but as we add more categories, that naturally happens,” says Kimberly Smith, Everlane’s head of apparel.



Image source: The Verge

A Brand that sold one million pairs of shoes with recycled plastic in them. There are more shoes produced using recycled plastic waste in 2019. “every shoe is a small contribution to the preservation of our oceans” says Eric Liedtke, Adidas Executive Board Member.



Image source: Kat Kuan

Rothy’s upper of the shoes is the biggest highlight since it is made out of recycled plastic. The plastic waste in the landfills is recycled every day. The shoes upper layer consist mostly of plastic water bottles. The shoes they say are durable and washable too.



Image source: Goodnet

An independent British swimwear brand that makes their products entirely with recycled plastic. The rubbish that goes into their clothing would vary from plastic bottles to any form and kinds of plastics. Their support is to the Marine Conservation Society.



Image source: Urban Industry

75 percent of all Nike shoes and apparel contain some recycled material,” says Nike. Nike creates by transforming plastic bottles into manufacturing materials ( such as Nike Grind).

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Written by Sanghamitra Gogoi

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