Congress accuses BJP of horse-trading in Rajasthan

Rajasthan elections delayed as a result of horse-trading.

By Madeeha Khan

The political game in Rajasthan has intensified a few days before the Rajya Sabha Elections. The Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Mr. Ashok Gehlot has accused the BJP to destabilize the government. He claimed that, “The Rajya Sabha elections were deliberately delayed by two months as they had not completed the buying and selling in Gujrat and Rajasthan.”

Rajasthan Assembly’s Chief Whip, Mahesh Joshi complaint in a letter to the Anti-Corruption Bureau, wrote, “I have come to know through reliable sources that attempts are being made to lure our MLAs and independent MLAs who support us, in order to destabilize the Government. It is against the spirit of the constitution and a condemnable act. Take actions against people who are indulging in such activities.”

The letter didn’t specify about anyone but BJP has felt violated. BJP spokesperson, Laxmikant Bhardwaj said, “These are baseless allegations on the world’s largest democratic party. Congress should provide some evidence otherwise they should be ready for legal actions. By doing so, they are not only provoking public sentiment but are trying to stamp out their failures.”

The Congress decided to shift its MLAs to Shiv Vilas resort in Jaipur, to keep them together and safe. Mr. Gehlot said that, “Horse-trading is done shamelessly and MLAs are being threatened in Madhya Pradesh. They are coming to Jaipur and we all are staying together.” He said that all this is being done on the basis of money power. “I have been repeatedly saying that a big scam is being run in the country in the name of electoral bonds. People are being looted by scaring them with the name of CBI and ED,” he added.

Mr. Gehlot met the Congress and other independent MLAs who are supporting them in the upcoming elections scheduled on 19th June 2020. He said, “How long will you do politics by indulging in horse-trading? It will not be surprising if Congress gives them a jolt in the time to come. Public can understand everything. Today’s meeting was very fruitful. Everyone is united, we’ll meet again tomorrow,”

Three Rajya Sabha seats will go to the polls, two seats are likely to go to Congress. However, BJP has two candidates, Onkar Singh Lakhawat and the preference being Rajendra Gehlot. 51 votes are required to acquire 1 seat, the BJP has 72 MLAs and support of 3 RPL MLAs. The rest 24 votes will go to Lakhawat. On the other hand, the Congress has 107 MLAs including 6 who were elected on BSP tickets and they have 2 candidates- K.C. Venugopal and Neeraj Dangi.

The Chief Minister of Rajasthan states, “It is a reflection of the situation created by the BJP that after Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, MLAs from Gujrat are coming here. The BJP has created an atmosphere of terror in the country. Where is the democracy in the country? Horse-trading is being done openly. Why do MLAs from Gujrat want to come here….you can imagine… there is so much mental pressure. The entire country is watching this.” Rejecting these allegations the state BJP chief Satish Poonia told PTI, “It is surprising that those who played the game of horse-trading for 55 years are blaming BJP. They have their internal differences.”

Horse trading adversely affects the democracy of the nation. It makes a mockery of the democratic process and violates the constitutional values which are the foundation of democracy. In addition, it also breaks the trust of the citizens who had chosen a particular MLA or party.

The congress has lost its power over two big states, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh last year. Let’s see if they manage to come out victorious or the history will repeat itself.

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