India dismissed the idea of shifting the LAC, China will pay said CDS

India is not ready to shift the Line of Actual Control, the Indian armed force is giving a strong and effective response to the People’s Liberation Army due to which in Ladakh they are facing unexpected repercussions, said General Bipin Rawat, Chief of Defence Staff.

Both countries have been progressing the settlement talks, the CDS made the statement on the day of their eighth round of meeting regarding the military stand-off in the east Ladakh since the last six months.

In the webinar of National Defence College, General Rawat said that the Chinese armed forces have been having a tough time due to India’s ‘firm and strong response’ to their ‘adventures’ on the Ladakh border region. India is no ready to negotiate on the territories and will not back out from the stand-off. The main intention of India is to restore the status quo in the country.

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Owing to the recent developments in the military and economic relations between India and China, it is expected their relations will be reduced to a competition, he added. The neighbouring countries with whom India has fought battles and constantly tried to attack being nuclear-armed pose a threat to the country in terms of territorial problems said the Chief in the webinar.

General Rawat also mentioned about Pakistan as an ongoing problem and called it the ‘epicentre of terrorism and armed Islamic insurgency’, calling them out for their attempts of procreating disturbance in India on the basis of religion.

As of now, the confrontations and tensions on the eastern border cannot be overlooked as it might escalate into a bigger problem for the country, added General Rawat.

He pointed out at the western neighbouring country of India for being listed on the Financial Action Task Force, an intergovernmental organisation which focuses on the terrorist funding. The Chief of Defence Staff said that the economic crisis of Pakistan including their growing Islamic fundamentalism and internal political debacles would lead to its own destruction.

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Now that India has been responding to their attempts to disrupt the peace in the country, for instance, the sequence of incidents of the surgical strikes and airstrikes indicates India’s focus on wiping out terrorist activities inside their boundaries.

Recently Pakistan had released their political map showing India’s territories as their own and also have announced to give provincial status to Pakistan occupied Kashmir. They have the audacity to challenge the country despite Pakitan’s economic crisis, international isolation and internal issues.

The Chief of Defence Staff, General Rawat believes that India should not depend on other countries for military arms and equipment. The country should focus more on achieving defence and strategic capability which would help them to meet future contingencies. 

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Written by Shailly Agarwal

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