Tencent to disable all the servers of PUBG in India

Recently, Tencent has announced that they will seize all the Indian servers and the PUBG will no longer be accessible in India. 

PUBG was banned in India on September 2 along with other Chinese applications. When India and China due to border debacle are in the stand-off since months. Now,  the company said that the game will no longer be available in India.

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Although the game was banned by the Indian government, people were still able to download it in their phones if they could get across the Internet Service Provider (ISP) policies. This resulted in some people could load the PUBG in their phones using a proxy or Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

The users were able to download the game by using the APK file and play the game by connecting it to the global servers. Although the latency will be higher which would make the game slow. 

However, in some situations, there were no ISP restrictions on Indian PUBG servers. The ISP was expected to deny requests to PUBG servers but it was difficult to control the gamers.

Now, these Indian servers will no longer be available in India as the company will be switching of these PUBG servers such as PUBG MOBILE Lite and PUBGMOBILE Nordic Map: Livik. These servers belong to Tencent, only they have the right to publish the game in India. The users can not play PUBG any more. 

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If the Indian users continue to access the game, the government can see it as a violation of their law. India has the largest number of PUBG gamers in the world, 250 Million in 2019. The company is looking for ways to make a comeback in India. There were rumours of Reliance taking over PUBG, however, nothing is finalised. 

The game is actually owned by PUBG Corporation which is a subsidiary of Bluehole, a Korean company. This resulted in PUBG being still available in India. In case the Korean company takes over the PUBG MOBILE, the game can make a rightful comeback in India. 

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Written by Shailly Agarwal

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